Mrs. Gina Rinehart recognised with two prestigious awards

The HPPL Groups Executive Chairman, hon Dr, Mrs. Gina Hope Rinehart has recently been awarded with two very prestigious awards, adding to her long list of accolades.

On Friday, 19 April 2019 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the 8th McMillan Woods Global Awards were held to celebrate the successes of 30 Visionary Leaders and Champions.

Mrs. Rinehart was here awarded the Global CSR Visionary Leader. (Mrs Rinehart was in Hancock Agriculture budget meetings in the Kimberley so was unable to collect the award personally, but her cousin, Deborah, graciously flew to KL and accepted on her behalf).

Following, on the 25th April, 2019, the 3rd Global Business Leadership Awards 2019 were held at Putrajaya Mariott Hotel, supported by the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia. These awards represent the most prestigious form of recognition for companies and organisations globally on leadership, business growth and corporate sustainability.

Gina Rinehart was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition for her hard work and efforts spanning many decades to build a successful and sustainable company, employing many people now, and generating opportunities and much tax revenue.

Due to work commitments, Mrs. Rinehart was unable to attend these ceremonies, however was represented proudly by family members. Georgina’s speech, on behalf of accepting Mrs. Rinehart’s lifetime achievement award, follows,  photos from the events will be posted when available.

Speech delivered by Georgina on the occasion of a lifetime achievement award for Mrs Gina Rinehart, 3rd Global Business Leadership Awards 2019, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, Thursday 25 April 2019

Good evening,

Thank you for including me tonight, at this very wonderful occasion. I’m Georgina  and yes I’m very proud to be named after Georgina Rinehart, and I’m also fortunate to be one of  her loved goddaughters. I’m very fortunate to have had someone who I also know as my godmother  in my life since my very beginning! She is a wonderful lady, yet a brave leader, a fantastic role model, a real ambassador for our country, and one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met!

Thank you very much for awarding my dear godmother with the Lifetime Achievement Award. This is very much appreciated, and deserved recognition of her hard work and efforts over many decades to build a successful and sustainable company, employing many people now, and generating much tax revenue for Australia.

Georgina Rinehart, Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group, Executive Chairman of Roy Hill, and Executive Chairman of Kidman & co is one of Australia’s most successful business people, and one who is admired in Australia and internationally.

As an extraordinarily hard working executive, she took Hancock Prospecting in the early nineties from a company that was in a perilous financial state with its few remaining assets under legal claim or  legal threat or heavily mortgaged with potentially very large contingent liabilities, to a company 20,000 percent more valuable, to what is now the largest and most successful privately owned company in Australian history. Along the decades creating opportunities for many others.

It was Mrs Rinehart who secured the Hope Downs state agreement, for the then temporary Hope downs tenements, and after HPPL investing to undertake  exploration and studies and thousands of government approvals, arranged a deal to let in now joint venture partner Rio Tinto. Hope Downs currently has four major mines which export around 47 million tonnes of iron ore per annum, with more in the pipeline.

Mrs Rinehart  also lead Roy Hill through years of exploration , studies , approvals and financing towards  making Roy hill one of Australia’s single largest iron ore mines, after a competitor company hadn’t found the ore bodies on those tenements, and dropped the tenements, considering  them to be of negligible value.

Roy Hill is now Hancock’s majority owned 55 to 60 million tonnes per annum mega  iron ore project. Ore from this $10 billion project  was  first shipped in December 2015.

Roy Hill’s achievements include:

  • Securing the world’s largest debt funding package for a mainly greenfield, land-based mining project from 19 of the world’s largest banks and five Export Credit Agencies;
  • Designing and operating some of the worlds largest equipment;
  • Launching Australia’s first fleets of pink trucks and trains in support of breast cancer and other cancer victims, and women ;
  • Marking the largest commercial deal between Australia and South Korea in history, when awarding a construction contract for $5.6 billion to a South Korean company to build part of the project;
  • And Roy Hill achieves  a safety rate above the industry standard.

These are incredible achievements, and there are more in the pipeline, including as far away as a copper project in Ecuador.

Mrs Rinehart is also a leader in agriculture owning many stations and farms  as well as one of the world’s largest herds of prime wagyu.

A philanthropic champion, Mrs Rinehart and the Hancock Group’s charitable endeavours support a number of medical, sporting, educational, health and community organisations.

She serves as Patron of Australia’s internationally renowned Olympic swimming, rowing, volleyball and synchronised swimming teams and has received the honour of an Order of Merit from the Australian Olympic Committee. She has received many other awards, and is especially delighted to receive your lifetime achievement award tonight.

Thank you very much again for this very welcome recognition of my truly special godmother.