Mrs. Gina Rinehart Awarded Momentum’s Most Inspiring Woman of the Year 2016

Roy Hill Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart, Awarded Momentum Most Inspiring Woman of the Year 2016


Media Release


Roy Hill is pleased to announce that Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd (HPPL) and Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd, Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart has been awarded the Momentum Most Inspiring Woman of the Year 2016, at the Australian Trade Access International Women’s Day Luncheon 2016.


Momentum Forum Events, CEO and Founder, Barbara McNaught, said; “Mrs Rinehart has been honoured with this award for her passion for her beliefs and a vision for achieving her goals that eventually led to a victory, while overcoming challenges along the way.”


“For 20 years, this remarkable businesswoman has strived in a male-dominated industry, worked tirelessly to succeed, defied critics who doubted the ambitious $10 billion Roy Hill project could ever get off the ground and pushed the boundaries in the mining world proving that females can be in power and make a difference. Standing strong in “iron heels”, with her determination and tenacity, Mrs Rinehart will set an example for generations to come.”


On receiving the award, Mrs Rinehart said, “I am delighted to receive this award on International Women’s Day and I am truly honoured and flattered to be recognised as an inspiring woman. From a very early age I have been involved in a predominantly male centric industry and I accept this award on behalf of the many women who have also taken on the challenge of succeeding in Australia’s resources industry, including those currently working at Roy Hill.”


“I hope that my journey from the youngest Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group, working to turn around a financially struggling company, to the Chairman of a now successful mining house in its own right with interests in four operating mines and another due to commence exports next year, can be an inspiration to women everywhere to use their strong spirit, knowledge, determination and ability, to drive success in whatever endeavour they may choose in life,” Mrs Rinehart added.


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