Kidman launches 100 day Grain Fed Beef

By 02/03/2018News

Wednesday evening in the historic setting of Penfolds Magill estate winery on the footsteps of the gorgeous Adelaide Hills the Kidman cattle company launched its new 100-day grain fed Santa Getrudis beef product.

The 100-day grain fed Santa Getrudis is another step in building upon and adding to the great Kidman legacy, recognising the great history of the 100-year plus company and paying respect to Sir Sidney Kidman and his endeavours which start way back in the late 1800’s.

The new business strategy includes for the first time taking the Kidman brand beyond the cattle saleyards, to improving the beef with grain feeding, and onto the dinner plates of Australian consumers.

Kidman’s Australian Santa Getrudis cattle are born and grown on our cattle stations in Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia and then fed grain for 100 days at our South Australian feedlot and processed in South Australia.

Those present greatly enjoyed the launch and were treated with our tender and delicious 100-day grain fed Santa, which from next week will start to be available for Australian consumers at select restaurants.