Huge congratulations to Bannister Downs Dairy

Hancock Prospecting was delighted to see an incredible night of awards for Bannister Downs Dairy this evening, April 5, taking home three champion awards at the annual Dairy Industry Association of Australia (WA) Awards 2024 . The Bannister team provide huge ongoing effort and commitment to deliver fresh, delicious, quality products from farm to fridge.

Bannister Downs’ sweep included the awards for Best Milk, Champion Cream, and the Leaders in Innovation. The later being for the 2 litre RPET, first in Australia for fresh milk – with thanks to our partners at Visy Plastics for this important nation first innovation.

In addition, the butter people took home the award for the best butter, using only bannister cream for their butter making. And further, again using only bannister products, one of the two cheese awards was gained.

Mrs Rinehart AO, accompanied by Executive Director of Hancock Prospecting Tad Watroba, were in attendance to enthusiastically cheer on Bannister Downs as they achieved, and helped 2 others to achieve, their well deserved awards. The 3 Bannister awards were the most awards received by any dairy company at this annual event.

Huge congratulations to Bannister Downs Dairy and all their team for again achieving (and helping other companies to achieve) these awards at this prestigious annual dairy awards occasion.

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