We should be using our pensioners instead of immigrants ‘It just makes sense’: Cian Hussey

Cory Bernardi interview of Cian Hussey courtesy of Sky News.

Institute of Public Affairs Adjunct Fellow Cian Hussey says Australia should look for a solution for the jobs crisis by using those in the country who want to work.

The current income pension test allows a single senior to earn $190 a fortnight – or $320 for a couple before their pension is reduced by 50 cents for every dollar earned over that amount.

“All we are hearing so far is… increase immigration, they wanna bring in migrants … where are we gonna put these people,” Mr Hussey told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“Why don’t we look for a solution where we’ve got people who’re already in Australia, people who want to work, and we know from survey data that pensioners and vets  would work if they could if they didn’t have this inhibitor.”

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