Statement | Given recent articles that are clearly incorrect, the following response has been provided to the respective journalists

By 23/02/2022News

Please timely confirm veracity of your statements with us when us when using Hancock Prospecting, it’s subsidiaries or any of it’s senior executives, to check that what you are saying is correct in your articles.

We at Hancock Prospecting , including our Exec Chair Mrs Rinehart, have no such relationships with any Hayden Matthews, and never have had, so do not understand why we were mentioned in that article. If it is Hayden who has in fact said that, then we would suggest he is doing so for other reasons. It is not the first time our unarguably very successful executive chair , has been used for such purposes. It’s difficult to keep up to date with such misrepresentations or scams. The most Hayden can truthfully say, is that with a team of others, he was employed by a bank and his work included some low level treasury matters liaison with one of our companies some years ago. The view attributed to him, in relation to our investments, is also not representative of our investment criteria.

The first paragraph of your story is factually incorrect

“One of the nation’s top private bankers and a manager of the multibillion-dollar Rinehart family fortune is launching a tech fund focused on green and sustainable investing amid an accelerating drive by business to achieve net zero emissions.”

Hayden Matthews is not a private banker for, nor the manager of the “multibillion-dollar Rinehart family fortune”.

This misinformation needs to be corrected. People might believe this and be misguided.