Gina Rinehart is awarded the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award & Energy and Resources Executive of the Year at The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards

Firstly may I warmly congratulate all the other finalists and winners of tonight’s awards – there sure is a lot of talent in this room! I’m especially overjoyed to be able to congratulate my exceptionally hard-working EA Talitha Ramsey on being named as a finalist tonight.
Thank you so much for this award – I appreciate it very, very much.
Thank you to Chris and CEO Magazine. It is without a doubt that the CEO Magazine is our country’s leading business magazine and not only in Australia, the CEO magazine I understand is in several other countries too.
I am delighted to be here tonight accepting this award with my daughter and our loyal and hardworking staff as well as a number of incredibly hard working Olympians – they are fantastic role models, and no doubt many of whom, will become leaders for our wonderful country too.
Thank you again.

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November 22nd – National Mining & Related Industries Day

We are an industry that is critical to, and at the forefront of underpinning Australia’s prosperity and our living standards. Without mining, you wouldn’t have electricity or the 35 different minerals available that make up your mobile phone. Imagine that, a world without electricity, or phones, and iPads, or computers. Our industry has also built large parts of Australia. We have brought investment, opportunities, infrastructure, city conveniences and jobs into some of the most remote, rugged and poor places in our country.
Page 2 of 2Our industry is vital to today’s civilisation, and, makes an enormous contribution to our country. This is our day to speak up for our industry, and to celebrate it and all of those Australians who work in it.

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November 21st – National Agriculture & Related Industries Day

The reason I initiated National Agriculture & Related Industries Day last year was to try to bring about a greater understanding of the difficulties and hard‐work of those who do work on the land, in the outback, or on our oceans, and the need to get government burdens, cost, tape and taxes down, to help our high cost country continue to be able to be internationally cost competitive, so our critical ability to export isn’t jeopardised. Cutting the government cost burden, that big slab of expensive unproductive fat ‐ so that those in the country and our small to medium enterprises, many of whom supply our agricultural industry, pay less for ever rising licence fees, and for tax, is what’s most needed, not unreliable loans that need to be paid back with interest. And certainly not advice from city bureaucrats, who’ve never had to manage a station, farm, fishing or pearl boat, or anything else successfully in our agricultural industry.

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Congratulations to our rowers – Rowing Australia Gala Awards Dinner

It is wonderful to be here again as your Patron to share with you, your families and coaches, a night
to celebrate your incredible achievements over the past 12 months, and to have the pleasure to
present the Rinehart Rowing Leadership Award and the Male and Female Crew of the Year Awards.
I spoke last year at these awards about how highly I regard your dedication, self‐discipline and your
wonderfully strong desires to represent your country. I was so thrilled to see these attributes
demonstrated again this year as I watched the men’s and women’s eights win the Grand Challenge
and Remenham Cups in course records at Henley Royal Regatta, the first time these events have
been won by Australian crews since 2000 and 2001.

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