Senate Hansard comments by Senator Hollie Hughes

By 08/12/2021News, Uncategorized

A few months ago I spoke about to enormous generosity of Gina Rinehart around our Olympians and our Paralympians in the swimming, rowing, volleyball and artistic swimming teams.

We saw fantastic results from Emma McKeon, our most successful Olympian ever, as well as our female and male awesome foursomes in the rowing, amongst many other stellar performances that did our country so proud. Outside of her direct financial support, Mrs Rinehart has wanted our Olympians to have with them, especially when travelling overseas, a part of Australia’s very best Paspaley pearls. The Paspaley gifts started after the Rio Olympics in 2016 for the female Olympians teams of which Mrs Rinehart is patron, with custom Paspaley necklaces with their names and year inscribed, which were designed by Mrs Rinehart and Mr Nick Paspaley.

The men received crocodile skin pens, which were also inscribed ‘Rio 16’, and iPads. In 2018, after the most successful Commonwealth Games ever for the Australian team when it was held in Queensland, it was a Paspaley ring—again, designed by Mrs Rinehart and Nick—with the individual’s name and the year inscribed.

After the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held this year, the female Olympians are being gifted Paspaley earrings—again, designed by Mrs Rinehart. Gold and silver winners will also receive an Apple Mac. The men will receive an Apple Mac, and gold or silver medallists an iPad as well. Both female and male Paralympians will also be receiving these gifts, and coaches will not miss out this year either. The ongoing generosity of Mrs Rinehart in support of these Olympic and Paralympic teams is incredible. So many athletes are able to reach their dreams because of her support.