Rinehart offers work advice

By 12/03/2022News
Article by Des Houghton courtesy of the Courier Mail.
As the usual platitudes rolled out on International Women’s Day, I was delighted to hear Gina Rinehart’s blunt advice to the aspiring businesswomen.
If you only want to work part time and not work weekends and public holidays, and you are more concerned about work-life balance forget it, the mining and beef tycoon said.
“Starting a business might not be the best for you,” she said.
“There are no shortcuts.” Australia’s richest woman was speaking to Andrew Bolt of Sky.
Rinehart rarely appears on television, so it was a coup for Bolt to entice her to appear on his 7pm show.
I hope she returns. Bolt, of course, is a champion pontificator.
I must say that after watching him for some years now, I’m happy to see he has come ’round to my way of thinking on so many issues.