Peter & Regina’s YOO HOO AWARDS 2018

By December 31, 2018News, Newsletter, Philanthropy

December 31, 2018
Gold Coast Bulletin

Peter & Regina’s YOO HOO AWARDS 2018

You won’t see these awards mentioned anywhere else – primarily because they don’t mean anything much even to the winners. There is no prize, trophy, prestige or glory – it is simply a way for us to remember the good, the bad and the ugly of 2018. The envelopes please….

GOLD GOLD GOLD AWARD HOW could we forget the Commonwealth Games? A brilliant athletic meet overshadowed by lots of controversy about everything away from the athletes – their exclusion from the closing ceremony not included. The social side was weirdly subdued but Longines kept the flashes flaring by hosting a series of lunches in a super-stylish hockerdome at Kurrawa Beach. There were sports stars past and present but the biggest name to grace the event was Gina Rinehart who quietly and without fuss sponsors numerous sports in this country. She even received a cheeky marriage proposal while leaving the volleyball at Coolangatta – she politely declined.

FROCKED AND FABULOUS AWARD WE get to see the best (and worst) of fashion statements at the many hundreds of events we attend so this award goes to the woman we consider to be our best dressed for the year. Melissa Ramsden is a busy mother of three but always manages to look as though she has just stepped out of a photo shoot for a fashion magazine. It takes an innate sense of true style to be able to make fashion look this effortless.

A WHITER SHADE OF PALE AWARD WHEN Diner en Blanc tres elegantly landed in our city in 2017 everyone who attended was blown away by the event. The big question was could that magic vibe be replicated in 2018? The answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ This time the venue was the centre of GCTC and the all-white hordes lugged everything they needed into the big grass paddock. A balmy evening, everyone in virginal white – chaste is a tough look to pull off for a Gold Coast crowd – and the magic returned as per Emily Whitlock and Violet Atkinson.

VROOM! VROOM! AWARD TOWARDS the end of the year we had further proof that there is some serious money in this town. In the space of three weeks Maserati, Ferrari and Bentley threw no expense spared, dress to impress and can-we-interest-you in a test drive openings to launch the respective dealerships. Slightly out of our pay scale all of them but who doesn’t like to look at such beautiful machines?

A STAR IS BORN AWARD FOR five years local actress and model Jessica Green flew out to Los Angeles, auditioning, networking and making contacts in the hope that her big break would come. This year all those years of hard work and heart breaking rejection paid off when she was cast as the lead in The Outpost, a fantasy adventure that screened around the world. In even better news a second series has now been commissioned. Our girl has hit the big time.

Excerpts courtesy of the Gold Coast Bulletin