Party queen Gina shows us who’s dance boss

By 23/11/2019Agriculture, News

Article by By Krystal Sanders and Lily Hoffman courtesy of the Weekend West.

She might be Australia’s richest person but Gina Rinehart isn’t above joining the masses on the dance floor.

Hosting the National Agriculture and Related Industries Day Gala Dinner on Thursday night, Rinehart proved that it’s her party, and she’ll dance if she wants to.

Joined by Hancock agriculture CEO, Rinehart shook the hand of every guest as they filtered into Burswood on Swan to tables stocked with custom-printed tambourines, ready for a singalong.

Despite members of the Australian synchronised swimming team showing their athleticism on the dance floor, it was Rinehart and her old boarding school friends who started the party, and set the jovial scene in a dance circle that followed a four-piece band.

While many guests were drawn to the chocolate cake and lemon tart served by celebrity chef Leif Huru, of Nobu Perth, Rinehart didn’t skip a beat as she posed for photos with eager admirers and industry giants, before joining the Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams impersonators on the dance floor.