Gina gives Hospital Gift

Mrs. Gina Rinehart and the Hancock Prospecting Group will donate over half a million dollars to ensure the future of the Lady Florencne Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital.

In addition to this, Mrs. Rinehart has further supported the community by sponsoring their Community Christmas Lights Competition, known as the Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd Christmas Lights Competition, boasting one of the most generous prize pools in Queensland.

Gina gives hospital gift

26 February 2016

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Rinehart donation will secure the future of Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital

GINA Rinehart and the Hancock Prospecting Group will donate more than half a million dollars to ensure the future of the Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital in Kingaroy.

Mrs Rinehart pledged a donation of $600,000 over three years to enable the future success of the hospital, formerly the South Burnett Private Hospital.

South Burnett mayor Wayne Kratzmann said he was completely overwhelmed by Mrs Rinehart’s kindness and generosity.

“She is an amazing individual and one who does so much to help people in need,” he said.

“This donation will form part of the business plan to guarantee not only the re-opening of the hospital, but its longevity.”

Mrs Rinehart has friendships and business interests in the Kingaroy community and said she was delighted the council was naming the hospital in honour of her long term friend, Lady Flo.

The facility was set to shut when Pulse Health pulled out of it last year but the council voted to take on the licence and invest $150,000 in a plan to keep it open.

The business plan is expected to be finished by mid-March with the transfer of the licence to the South Burnett Regional Council before March 31. Health consultant Leith McMillan, who was preparing the business plan for the facility, has said she was pleased by the great support from local doctors she had met, and all specialists she had contacted so far were eager to come back.

Mrs Rinehart previously donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes to the 2015 South Burnett Christmas lights competition.

She has had a presence in South Burnett since her Hope Dairies project starting buying land around the region. The venture has since morphed into a Wagyu beef project.