Mornings with Richard Perno | Gina Rinehart addressing ongoing social media related scam issues

Interview courtesy of LAFM Launceston

Yeah. All right. Meantime, back at home, Gina Rinehart’s scribe to Mark Zuckerberg asking him to stop scamming. Is that what she’s done?

Yeah, that’s basically it. She said, look, I’ve been trying. I keep being the victim of these, but not she’s not losing money. She is the face of scams. So, you know a Facebook ad might show a lot of people rush to ATMs after Gina Rinehart’s interview and she didn’t do an interview. She didn’t tell anyone to go to ATMs. Um, people are scammers are using her face and her likeness to resonate with people who know of her and potentially fall for scams themselves. And she’s sick of it. She’s been having her team, you know, report these things. There’s one that they’ve been reporting that started in January and it’s still going. It’s unbelievable. These things are still out there and Facebook is doing nothing about it. So I think we’re going to need to get to a point where the government might need to step in and start imposing some regulation on Facebook and other social media companies around the ads that they show.


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