Letter from Scott Neeson, Cambodian Children’s Fund

Letter from Scott Neeson, Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) – CCF manages Mrs. Rinehart’s Hope Scholarship program in Cambodia



Thank you for allowing me to be part of the graduation ceremonies last night. The girls are so in awe of you and clearly feel more connected and trusting of you than anyone in their lives.

I have been here 12 years and cared for countless children and youth. The greatest reward is having that occasional a child or youth (nearly always female) who maintains a love and care for their parents, largely through the cultural values and DNA- and if you manage to get it exactly right, as you did, they blossom. They love you so much for the opportunities you gave them, your belief in them and most importantly your consistency of care.

They relate to you more than their own families, with losing the family connections.

Congratulations. In all sincerity, you have raised a remarkable group of young women.

Warmest regards

Scott Neeson

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