‘It’s rubbish!’: Why a local pensioner has been denied work

Audio courtesy of Ben Fordham and 2GB.

A local pensioner has been informed she can’t be hired due to her age.

Lee is 78 years old and offered to work at her local club due to the current staff shortages.

Due to her age, the club said they couldn’t afford to insure her to work there.

“It’s one of the many issues pensioners are facing when they try to rejoin the workforce,” Ben said.

Lee is in disbelief and told Ben Fordham all she wants to do is contribute and alleviate the stresses of the hospitality industry.

“When are we going to get this show on the road!?”

Chief Advocate at National Seniors Australia Ian Henschke told Ben “it’s complete rubbish”.

“How did 2GB manage to employ people over 60 for years?”

Mr Henschke said “something needs to change” immediately, considering there are 480,000 job vacancies across Australia.