I still call Westralia home

By 08/09/2021News

Article by Josh Zimmerman courtesy of the West Australian

Poll reveals most Sandgropers think of themselves as West Aussies first and Australians second … compared with just 6% of residents in NSW.

Most West Australians identify more strongly with their State than their nation — placing Sandgropers at odds with the rest of the country.

The finding was contained in a survey commissioned by the Centre for Independent Studies, which revealed 54 per cent of WA respondents “identify first and foremost” as West Australian rather than Australian.

That stood in stark contrast to NSW, where just 6 per cent of residents felt a stronger connection to their State than the nation.

Noting the difference in views between NSW and WA, the report suggested: “Maybe the truth is — as some on social media have suggested –  that people from NSW mistakenly believe that NSW is Australia.”