HeartKids WA Gala Ball

Mrs. Rinehart and staff from Roy Hill Holdings and Hancock Prospecting enjoyed attending the HeartKids WA Gala Ball, held in Perth earlier this month, to raise much needed funds to support children affected by childhood heart disease.

A long term supporter of HeartKids WA, Mrs. Rinehart was delighted to be reunited with Cecilia Donovan (now CEO of HeartKids WA) and daughter Shakira, who was a HeartKid that Mrs. Rinehart met with 15 years ago after donating to the cardiology department at Princess Margaret Hospital. Shakira, a poster child of the organisation, who was one of the first children who was successfully operated on using  the cardiology equipment donated by Mrs Rinehart and her medical foundation at Princess Margaret Hospital. This equipment is still used today.

Photos below of Mrs. Rinehart meeting Shakira Donovan 15 years ago, and now.