Congratulations | The Hancock Prospecting Artistic Swimming Australia 🇦🇺 team have equaled their best team performance at a World Aquatics Championships

🔔 Record Equalling Performance 🔔

The Hancock Prospecting Artistic Swimming Australia 🇦🇺 team have equaled their best team performance at a World Aquatics Championships in the Technical Team in Doha, Qatar 🇶🇦

The swim of 224.0447, an improvement of 3.3502 from the preliminaries, saw the team finish in 8th spot. This equals the 8th place finish in the Free Team from Fukuoka, Japan 🇯🇵 in 2023.

This is also a huge 27.636 improvement, from the 196.4087 the team swam in the final in Japan, where they finished 12th (the previous best result in Technical Team).

Congratulations on a wonderful performance to Rayna Buckle, Georgia Courage-Gardiner, Raphaelle Gauthier, Kiera Gazzard, Margo Joseph-Kuo, Anastasia Kusmawan, Zoe Poulis and Milena Waldmann 🙌

#ASA #Doha2024

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