Commitment for a state-of-the-art medical facility

In regards to Mrs. Rineharts pledge for a state of the art medical facility to be built in the Northern Territory, although the money has been set aside for the hospital, whilst under Adam Giles leadership of the Northern Territory, the donation was always on the basis of a peppercorn rental for suitable coastal land to be made available, which the hospital and donors would not own, and with all required approvals for building the hospital.

This project was enthusiastically and well led by the leadership of the former government, in whom Mrs Rinehart placed both trust and confidence, but as of yet we haven’t heard anything from the new government, so are unable to properly comment as to the land, approvals and hence hospital project’s future.

Other than to note, it was intended to benefit especially the people of the Northern Territory and the north, in addition to any others who wished to be patients, for those struggling with cancer, and or those wanting key hole surgery, not to be exclusively or primarily for Asian patients, as incorrectly reported.