Sky News | Chris Smith interviews Mrs Gina Rinehart AO

By 15/05/2022News

Interview courtesy of Sky News.


Article related, courtesy of the Geelong Advertiser.

Morrison and Albanese aren’t ‘sufficiently across’ the ‘important issues

Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairwoman Gina Rinehart says she does not think either major party leader is “sufficiently across” what she sees as Australia’s “two most important issues”.

Ms Rinehart told Sky News host Chris Smith that one of these issues is defence.

“I repeatedly say, if we don’t have our country, what do we have?

“And the second one is the economy, the economy is so important, it’s what drives living standards, it’s what drives jobs, it’s what drives revenue, it’s what drives opportunities.

“And that is very important for us, especially as we want to and we need to pay for things like our defence, our police, our kindergartens, our aged care, and so many other good things that we need to do as a country.”