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By 17/11/2021News

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To ensure the coast can capitalise on the Brisbane. 2032 games talks will be held with some of the country’s biggest power Brokers later.

This month, including Australia’s richest woman. Brisbane. 2032 is 11 years away. But in terms of preparation, this isn’t a marathon. It’s a Sprint we way behind the eight ball right now. So, we really need to be quick and organised and get things moving.

So make sure we use these games in order to create things that we needed to do. Anyways, the pandemic induced population, boom has accelerated the need for better public transport rail through to the CBD, which is Be a major hub for the Olympics.

So that’s essential and I see ultimately to the airport because the airport’s very much important to the region for our future Freight needs. The airport is in for another major expansion of the next three to five years.

Two hundred million dollars on upgrading. Our terminal will be fact will be doubling. The size has terminal to get us ready for the Olympics. The Fairfax electorate has the highest number of over-60s in the country retirees will benefit from improved.

Disability access that will be required to facilitate the Paralympics. We want to be the most accessible City. The Sunshine Coast daily is coordinating.

A lunch event on November 30. That’ll include presentations from Key stakeholders and investors including mining magnate Gina Rinehart. It’s really important that we use the Olympics as a catalyst, to attract the funding that we need. So we can benefit from it for many, years to come. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.