Letter  courtesy of  Sunday Herald Sun, December 9, 2018.


I READ with interest the profile on Gina Rinehart (Stellar, Dec 2). One could interpret this as a go at a “tall poppy”. It smacks of non-conformance and non-acceptance. I’ve never met a world champion who is a normal person. They have to be different to get out of bed every day to do extraordinary things.

In my position, I’ve met many extraordinary people, world champions in their own right. Gina Rinehart is a world champion. She took a business in the early 1990’s and built it into one of this country’s most successful private enterprises.

How? Through her vision, hard work, and persistence. Most people could never envisage this, let alone do it. But over the years, Australia has been built on this type of vision and work ethic. Her story is extraordinary.

I have spent considerable time with Mrs Rinehart. She is one passionate lady. We as a swimming federation are the beneficiaries of her financial sponsorship through both Hancock Prospecting and the Georgina Hope Foundation. Her involvement in Swimming Australia, however, goes well beyond sponsorship. She is also our patron.

She is passionate about the future of swimming and the careers of our athletes. In fact, her support has helped the sport since 1992.

People like Gina Rinehart can be misinterpreted. She is different, but I suspect similar to many groundbreakers this country has produced in the past.

John Bertrand, AO, president, Swimming Australia.