Brisbane has a big chance at greatness

By 11/11/2021News, Queensland 2032

Article by Gina Rinehart courtesy of the Courier Mail.

NEVER before has Queensland hosted an event so big and so important as the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympic Games, which will have billions of viewers from around the world.

South East Queensland has an opportunity to really shine on the world stage and to put this very friendly and beautiful state on the world map.

And, with the right policy settings in place to encourage investment, lessening government tape, we could top the Sydney Olympics.

I am delighted the Queensland government took the initiative and won the rights to host the 2032 Games.

In my view, the government needs to now be part of meetings to:

  • Engage with industry, investors and stakeholders to define what is possible and how we achieve it;
  • Cut government tape, enabling facilities for Queenslanders and visitors to enjoy for many years;
  • Plan for and co-ordinate significant infrastructure such as transport, accommodation, hospitals, airports, tourism etc;
  • Encourage social/hospitality infrastructure like marinas, without deterring high end too, safe swimming places, entertainment precincts;
  • Identify and copy the best planning and experiences from other Olympics; and
  • Create a pro-Queensland theme, devoid of politics but instead with experiences to treasure for years to come.

Gina Rinehart is Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting Group, Executive Chairman of Roy Hill, Executive Chairman of S. Kidman & Co and is patron and major sponsor of Australia’s rowing, volleyball, swimming and artistic swimming.