Chris Smith Tonight | ‘Best policy for Australia’s future’: Push to take working pensioner credits further | Ian Henschke Interview

Chris Smith interview of Ian Henschke courtesy of Sky News.

Chief Advocate for National Seniors Ian Henschke says allowing pensioners to work increased hours without losing their benefit payments is the “best policy for the future of the country”.

Measures to allow working seniors to earn extra income without losing their pension was a key outcome from this week’s Jobs and Skill Summit.

Under a new scheme, pensioners will receive a one-off income credit and are able to earn up to $4000 extra a year.

However, many advocacy groups for older Australians believe the changes don’t go far enough.

“The $4000 announced last Friday was a nice step,” Mr Henschke said.

“You do not stop being an asset to your society when you are 66.5 and you are put on a pension.”

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