Bannister Downs Dairy wins collection of awards at the 2016 Perth Royal Show

Hancock Prospecting’s dairy partnership, Bannister Downs Dairy, forged given the longstanding friendship between Telstra business winner awards, Gina Rinehart, and her friend, Sue Daubney, has had an outstanding result at the 2016 Perth Royal Show, being awarded a table full of awards for their milk and smoothie products and their new ice creams.

Bannister Downs Dairy was awarded Champion for their reduced fat milk (all lite milk) and their flavoured milk for their Mango Smoothie, first place for their ice cream flavour with real fruit (passion fruit), and then finishing up with silvers for all other ice creams and milk products (gold for spearmint, farm fresh milk, fresh cream, and mango) – what a large collection of awards!

Using their own fresh farm milk as pure as nature intended, with no additions whatsoever, we continue to support drinking more healthy milk products and supporting our local dairy farmers.

Congratulations Bannister Downs Dairy on these awards.

Photo below from the awards ceremony