Back to work is a win-win for all

Courtesy of the West Australian.

Gina Rinehart is spot on when she suggests letting pensioners work and earn as much as they like without being penalised.

Indeed, if they work a five-day week, the tax they pay will offset their pension, which they have already paid for over their lifetime in the workforce. A win-win compromise would be to raise the earning threshold to $600 and make the first $1000 earned tax free. Pension payments would not rise and it would encourage pensioner participation in the workforce.

I fear the Albanese Government has no taste for such progressive thought at a pre-election public meeting in Maylands, I put these questions to Labor’s Patrick Gorman. His answer was there had been no discussion or electoral platform for either increasing the age pension or encouraging retiree participation in the workforce.

It was not on Labor’s radar.

Greg Ross, Eden Hill

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