Australian swimming ‘relies heavily on funding’ for its success

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Excerpt of the Alliance courtesy of Sky News Australia

Olympic gold medalist Mack Horton says the funding of Australian swimmers is critical to the nation’s success in the field because it sets up systems and networks behind the swimmers and supports them from a young age.

“It’s great to have Hancock Prospecting and Mrs Rinehart on board, obviously they offer a lot of support to Australian swimmers, also rowers, synchronised swimmers and volleyball players, but beyond that, Mrs Rinehart has a personal interest in everyone on the team,” he said.

“She just loves to hear everyone’s stories and how they got to where they are.” Mr Horton said encouraging swimmers to advance in the field from a young age was critical for swimming success in Australia and it was the funding which made that possible.

Mr Horton also discussed the relationship between Australian and American swimmers, saying he thrived on the intense competition between Australia and America in the pool.

“Australia and America are probably two of the strongest swimming nations,” he said.

“If you go back a few generations of swimmers, they were the two stand out nations.

“The history of the rivalry is certainly there.”