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Notices on fake social media posts encouraging investment in scams

Let Pensioners

Cut Centrelink red tape,
don't cut their pensions!

Australia has critical labour shortages across multiple sectors. Fewer than 76,000 pensioners (3%) currently work, but many would work (or work more) if they did not lose 50c in the dollar when they work more than once day a week.

Major Highlights

Many happy returns from Roy Hill

Billionaire Gina Rinehart has described her giant $10bn Roy Hill iron ore mine as “the mega project that … we thought might not happen”. The billionaire mining magnate told a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Roy Hill that the mine’s first equity investors had made a “rare entrepreneurial move … with significant risk” that had paved the way for a project that made $13bn in net profits in the last two years alone and already paid off $10bn in debt in full.

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Gina Rinehart steps up again for rural Australia

AUSTRALIAN mining and agriculture icon Gina Rinehart has again stepped up for rural Australia, this time becoming the patron of rural charity Rural Aid. Mrs Rinehart said Rural Aid was an organisation that ‘stands with our mates in the bush’ during their hard times. “And it does get tough in the bush, with floods, fires and severe drought, in addition to the usual dangers of snakes, spiders and in some northern areas, crocodiles too,” she said. “As patron of Rural Aid, I encourage all Australians to throw their support behind its ongoing efforts in ensuring that our food producers – our farmers- are able to get back on their feet quickly when drought, flood or bushfire hits them.”

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Rinehart named as 2023 Western Australian of the Year

HANCOCK Prospecting chair Gina Rinehart has been announced as the 2023 Western Australian of the Year. Rinehart was honoured for her contribution to business, as well as her philanthropy, which ranges from support for breast cancer research to sponsorship of Australian Olympians. “We must ensure that our country is not left behind by short-sighted decisions and encourage policies that welcome investment in our wonderful state,” Rinehart said when accepting the award.

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Oldendorff Carriers names vessel after Gina Rinehart

On 10 February 2023, Oldendorff Carriers celebrated the namegiving of its latest Japanese capesize newbuilding, the “Gina Oldendorff”, which was named after Australian mining figure, Gina Rinehart. Mrs Rinehart is the executive chair of the mining company Hancock Prospecting. Mrs Rinehart christened the ship at the name-giving ceremony at Namura Shipyard, Imari, Japan.

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