War drones, sea mines needed to defend north: Rinehart

“I hope with the new government a better decision is made in the interests of West Australians and northern Australia, to relocate the planned navy maintenance investment away from the people and port of Fremantle, and relocate to the north-west, to Cape Preston,” said Mrs Rinehart after Saturday’s election rout of Scott Morrison’s Coalition government. Mrs Rinehart reiterated her belief that senior citizens and defence force veterans should not lose their pensions if they choose to work for an income, saying both the community and the economy would be better off if they were able to participate more at a time of labour shortages. “Enabling our economy to grow via urgent and significant tape cuts is the best way to increase jobs and opportunities for our youth, our females and our entire population, and the best way to enable wage increases and standards of living to rise, in turn providing revenue for necessities like, healthcare, emergencies, police, kindergartens, our elderly and more.”Restrictions on stopping pensioners and vets from working, restrictions that mean they can only work for a few dollars a week without losing all or part of their pensions, and onerous paperwork, must go urgently,” she said.

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Ground Breakers: ‘War drones’ and ‘smart mines’ on the wish list of Australia’s richest woman

Gina Rinehart leads mining’s post-election wishlist with call for missile defences and smart mines. “Given the lack of defence in Australia’s north-west, despite it being the powerhouse of Australia’s economy, I also hope that smart mines are urgently implemented in abundance in at least our northern and north-west (and north-east) oceans,” the iron ore magnate was quoted as saying, adding that Australia needed to make itself a ‘prickly porcupine’ as soon as possible. How will we do this? Less government red tape, Rinehart not at all predictably says.

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Path of Hope Gala 2022

Path of Hope was launched in 2013, as a collaboration between the Rotary Club of Perth and the Salvation Army, with a vision to break the intergenerational cycle of family and domestic violence. Hancock Prospecting and Roy Hill have been the major sponsors of the Path of Hope annual  Gala since inception in 2016. This year, Mrs. Rinehart was presented the John Garland AM Award, an award which is presented to an individual who consistently demonstrates professionalism, compassion and an enthusiasm to assist others, and who are instrumental in Path of Hope’s mission to break the intergenerational cycle of family violence. As always the Hancock Prospecting Group wishes Path of Hope all the best with their ongoing endeavours to help break the unacceptable cycle of domestic violence, and to celebrate the survivors of domestic violence.

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Long-awaited 2021 Prospect Awards return

The 2021 Australian Mining Prospect Awards were finally held in Brisbane following COVID-related delays. Roy Hill’s iron ore mine in the Pilbara has taken home Australian Mine of the Year at the 2021 Prospect Awards. The Hard Rock Mine of the Year also went to Roy Hill’s iron ore operation, while Hancock Prospecting executive chair Gina Rinehart was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. “Secondly, a huge congratulations to the other finalists iCutter Industries and Atlas Iron. This really is an award where everyone wins as this work is so important to not only the business and First Nation’s businesses but it’s creating a better Australia for everyone.

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Integrated Development Zones – the solution for our north

Gina Rinehart argues the federal government should offer tax breaks to help northern Australia grow. The Deputy Prime Minister Mr Barnaby Joyce is to be congratulated for bringing to Australians’ attention the needs and potential for the towns in the Pilbara to grow. Australia needs an investment boom in the wake of the pandemic, and given our trillion dollar debt, Australia needs practical initiatives like IDZ’s that will foster a boom in investment. Cutting tape and taxes and allowing Australians to get on with building their lives and our country with less government in the way is a vital part of this.

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9 NEWS | ‘I’m not sure I will survive’: Pensioners pushed into poverty as cost of living soars

Many pensioners who shared stories of struggling to survive on the age pension would not give their names, out of shame or a fear that they will be seen as a burden to their families. “We’ve got roughly one in four older Australians living in poverty. And the fastest growing group of people who are in poverty are single women who are renting.” Ian Henschke is the Chief Advocate for National Seniors, a not-for-profit organisation that campaigns for better outcomes for older Australians. He argues that if pensioners were allowed to work without their pension being cut, it is likely that their combined efforts would contribute more income tax and a greater boost to Australia’s GDP that the savings recouped from the government by cutting their pension. “Don’t penny pinch off the pensioners. Change the taxation system,” he says.

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Let Pensioners

Cut Centrelink red tape,
don't cut their pensions!

Australia has critical labour shortages across multiple sectors. Fewer than 76,000 pensioners (3%) currently work, but many would work (or work more) if they did not lose 50c in the dollar when they work more than once day a week.

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Rinehart’s backing for Olympians

AOC president John Coates said the partnership would deliver significant benefits. “This is a major commitment to Australian sport,” he said. “We welcome and thank Mrs Gina Rinehart and Hancock Prospecting for this investment. On the eve of farewelling our team to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the timing is perfect.”

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Rinehart honoured for service to mining sector

Roy Hill and Hancock Prospecting executive chair Gina Rinehart has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in the General Division, as part of the Australia Day 2022 Honours list. The mining magnate, who was one of only 25 Australians selected for the honour this year, was recognised for “distinguished service to the mining sector, to the community through philanthropic initiatives and to sport as a patron”.

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Australia Day honours: Billionaire patron Gina Rinehart goes from strength to strength

Hancock is one of the biggest taxpayers in Australia and has weathered the Covid pandemic. Its company profit for the year to June came after revenue for Mrs Rinehart’s Hancock rose to a record $16.6bn from $10.5bn a year earlier and the business paid a huge $2.7bn in federal corporate and state taxes. Last year was also a significant one away from mining for Mrs Rinehart, who watched strong performances by athletes in the four sports she backs at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Swimmers, rowers, beach volleyball players and artistic swimming representatives all receive direct support from Mrs Rinehart, as part of charitable and sponsorship pursuits the billionaire undertakes that also includes helping Cambodian girls out of poverty. All of the support has been recognised in this year’s Australia Day honours, with Mrs Rinehart gaining the title of Officer of the Order of Australia for distinguished service to the mining sector, to the community through philanthropic initiatives, and to sport as a patron.

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