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Gina Rinehart’s big lithium play with Vulcan Energy Resources paying off

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Australia’s richest person is also making money on the stockmarket, investing in one of the hottest stocks – and industries – for investors at the moment.

Anzac Day 2021

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May our government understand, we need to better serve, those who defend or have defended and served our country.

2021 Australian Swimming Championships

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Following from the 2021 Australian Age Championships, the Australian Swimming Championships are currently underway at the Gold Coast, where we are seeing some of the best swims from our Aussie superstars.

For the family of the Hon Andrew Peacock

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If I may add my sympathies for the loss of your dad, your famous Aussie dad.


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Sadly, her family won’t be there this time, due to the ban on international spectators, but they will be watching from afar. “I’m just so excited for these Games,” she said.

Tokyo Olympics 2021: How COVID-19 has boosted Australia’s hopes of rowing glory

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The Australian rowing team is better placed for Tokyo 2021 than it would have been at last year’s postponed Olympics. And it’s all thanks to COVID.

Sky News live hosted by Rowan Dean: Jokes and Joys book

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Review courtesy of Sky News live hosted by Rowan Dean.

A giggle a day, keeps the doctor away.

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Jokes and Joys was launched across 12 locations with guests from parliament, including Bronwyn Bishop, sharing their favourite jokes in the book. Sky News said guests attending the launch “say laughter is desperately needed in an era of political correctness”.

Happy Easter to all!

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All best, Gina Rinehart.

Jokes and Joys

A giggle a day keeps the doctor away

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